1940 scratch built free flight models

The first model aircraft I built was a green plastic FROG 1/72nd kit of a Messerschmitt 109 E. It was given to me as a Christmas present in 1940. I was living with my parents just outside of London.
As WW-2 came to an end I joined a Local Club. My first free flight models were gliders, then rubber powered free flight models, followed by diesel powered free flight models.
The photo is dated 1949.
The pylon model was called a “High Ball” the other fuselage was never finished and disappeared when my parents moved house!
In February of 1950 I was conscripted into the RAF for a two year stint. which ended my modelling hobby until many years later.

We were now living In Atlanta, GA, and for Christmas 1990 my son gave me a subscription to a Model Aircraft magazine. I found some guys flying R/C, introduced myself and made some friends that I still have today.
My first radio controlled scale model was an S E5a from an English D & B kit.
The first really large scale model I built was in 2002. It was an Albatros C-1 a German two seat reconnaissance aircraft that saw service right through WW1. At One quarter scale the top wing span was 129 inches, powered by a Quadra 75. The gunner sat on top of a servo so that he could be made to turn from side to side from the transmitter.
And, now you know “the rest of the story”.


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