Bob and Alan

I first met Bob Hatschek when I became a member of the Brooklyn Skyscrapers MAC. The Skyscrapers are predominately a Free Flight club. When I first met Bob he was an ornery sort of hard nosed guy, he was also one of the best modelers I’d have met up till then. As time went by we became good friends and his hard edge started to soften when he flew with me. We started traveling to the Nats together sharing the drive and a hotel. I can tell ya you certainly can learn a lot from a guy when you spend 14 hours in a car together. As our friendship grew Bob’s health had started to decline and he could no longer chase after his models. Well, I became Bob’s on-field helper. He would wind and launch, I would time his flights then go out and retrieve the model for him. I must say that I really learned how to use a radio tracker when retrieving Bob’s models. I also learned a lot about trimming and flying Free Flight models from him. When his health became worse and he could no longer travel with me to a contest, I would always call him afterwards to tell him what he missed. About a week before Bob passed away, while I was visiting him he told me if it had not been for me he would have had to stop flying years ago. I still miss Bob and a vial of his ashes is in my model box so that he is always with me on the flying field. When you see me on the field stop by and say hi to Bob!


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