Control Line Scale B-29

In 1976, I spent some time with the family of Luciano Nustrini who introduced me to model airplanes, full size airplanes and photography. Look up Luciano’s name on Google and you will find some interesting information. 40 years later I am still an avid photographer, I build and fly model airplanes and follow the full size warbirds at airshows. Because of what I learned on that trip, I decided to become an engineer and have worked on aircraft such as the B-52 and others. I remember riding my bicycle to the hobby shops and reading the magazines and soon started building CL models at the age of 13. One night my dad came home and put a used Fox 35 Stunt engine on the table and told me that one the guys at work said that I should have the engine. I flew with that engine for many years on a Carl Goldberg P-40. In 2013, I was selected to write the CL scale column in Model Aviation, have had 3 cover photos and multiple feature articles. The best part has been meeting some the icons of this hobby such as Bob Palmer and Frank Macy at the many contests that I have attended. This is a hobby where you can do so many different things and can never get bored. Got to go, I have projects on the work bench.


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