Feeling Free When You Can No Longer Fly

For years I felt free when I was in the sky with my Airbrone Trike. Then one day I started to get sharp pains in my head. I was told I could no longer enjoy this amazing freedom. I had to sell my trike, my hanger and for years all I could think about was how much I missed being in the sky like a bird. Then I started to fly radio control planes and drones and found with a nice camera and some FPV goggles I could once again experience this feeling even though still on the ground. I then moved into racing and decided to try and build my first racer. The photo you see here is my first racer. I wanted it to look nice so I took my time trying to make it special. If you want to soar like a bird you have to give this a try. Just amazing, and each time out my skill improves just a little bit more. I now enjoy the feeling of flying, even though my feet are still on the ground 🙂

– Jake

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