I had a couple of photos..to send but the earliest from 1970… “Kraft on 53, 1970

Although the picture is from the late 60’s, my modeling goes back to control line in the mid 50’s and later Radio Control with escapements and a HeathKit single channel. I grew up in Los Alamos, NM during the late 40s and until I went to college in 65. You built models by yourself then… No real clubs up there… No internet… Just you. I became a member of the AMA very early and competed in the Dallas Nats in Navy Carrier, sponsored by a local club of just 5 members. Through the years I have enjoyed the Scale branch of the hobby and today at the age of 70 fly 200cc 9 cylinder gas, CARF Corsair, with a DC 24 Jeti…it never gets old. I have learned so many life lessons both emotional and everyday valuable skills because of being in Model Aviation. But, most of all it’s the feeling and incredible satisfaction flying something you have built with your own hands. Thank you AMA and Model Aviation in general and the companies that have supported it throughout the years. Thanks for the Memories!


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