I hate it when that happens

I got into u-control in Grammar school. Always wanted to get into radio control, but it was too expensive. Finally in 1999 I received a kit, radio, and engine for my Birthday. Been hooked ever since. The plane in the photo crashed because of pilot error. Not clumsy fingers, but lack of preventive maintenance. Water almost always finds it’s way into a float plane. Maybe just a little, but that’s enough. Well my battery connection I shrink wrapped to make sure it wouldn’t come loose, Enough moister got into the connection that it corroded the connection. I just plugged it in all knight before the next day’s float fly. Thinking it was all charged up ( I did not check with volt meter) I got airborn. About two minute later I lost control due to a dead receiver battery! Sure hated to lose that plane, but stuff happens, eh!


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