My first Gasser

I have always just worked hard all my life just to take care of my family and never really had a hobby.
in 2010 I got cancer and had a 60/40 chance of survival. while I was sick, my son received an airhog plane from his Grandpa, we took it out and flew it and we both fell in love with rc flight that day so with Christmas rolling around I bought helicopters and a small trainer plane for my son.
As he started to fly I realized I need to learn as well so we can fly together.
We joined our local club and were together every weekend for 2 years flying and learning together, even took him to Joe Nall in 2014.
Now I still fly and my son is 17 and not so much but I’m still active in my club and am one of our trainers and also a Contest Director.
I have met so many good friends in this hobby, it has taught me that its good to just slow down a little and enjoy life because it may end faster than you think.


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