One thing leads to another

I inherited my passion for flying from my father, seen in the photo with a 1/4 scale Bud Nosen P-51, and me with my Kadet Jr. This led me to my carrier as a Naval Aviator, where in late 2001, we were escorting the first flights of army special forces helicopters into Afghanistan. After a career as a Naval Aviator, I joined the National Guard, so now I am an Army Aviator.

In the first image I am posing with my father, a 1/4 P-51, Bud Nosen I believe, and a Sig Kadet Jr. This picture was taken around 1983 at the Guide Drive DCRC field on Rockville Maryland.

The second picture is of me getting ready to take off in an SH-60F and escort elements of the Army Special forces into Afghanistan in October of 2001.


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