The Future

This little lady’s father contacted me stating that he always wanted to learn how to fly RC airplanes, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find anyone to help him. Keep in mind that there were several flying clubs within a 30 mile radius. So I told him that he found the right person to teach him and that I always had a plane ready for him to fly at a moment’s notice.

The next day he and his little daughter met at the flying field. I brought out my LT-40, gave him a few short minutes of ground school and once I got the plane in the air, immediately handed him the transmitter. After 15 minutes of flying, his daughter asked if she could fly. I said, “great” and gave her the transmitter. Guess what? Apparently, she was paying attention while I was teaching her father and within a few minutes she had complete control of the airplane. Her father was amazed at how fast she caught on as she made nearly perfect turns and I set her up to land and with very little assistance, she made a very good landing. Totally true. She now has her own planes and flies with her dad on a regular basis.

– Clarence

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