Tuskegee still flies

I’m retired army and  my uncle served in the Korean War. He gave me my first line controlled plane in 1959. I bought a Cox Birddog 0.49. When I went into the army (having my own money) I started buying and building R/C planes. I was the only Black person at the park/field and had always wanted to know more about Black history in our military, but seemed to not get far. As I learned about the Tuskegee Airmen and my love of planes, here was a platform to talk about both. Both of my sons fly R/C’s and Nate works for Boeing. The wife and I go to schools, centers and anyplace that wants to hear about the Tuskegee Airmen each year, taking our planes to show. Most of my planes are the ones flown by them and a few they flew against. Also my wife is an AMA member and the only female fix wing flier in our club “Cross Winds”. It’s a family thing


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