Generations of Flight showcases you, the model aircraft enthusiast, and your love for the hobby. To celebrate model aviation, we are asking everyone to share their favorite flying experiences. Maybe it’s a photo and story of your first flight, your most recent visit to an airfield, or a memory that inspired you – we want to hear from you!


Adopted Grandpa

I grew up with a love for anything that flies. I also grew up without either of my grandfathers. When I joined the Azalea City Model Aeronautics (ACMA) Club in 2006, I was introduced to one of our more senior members, Henry. Henry has been a scale modeler from the very beginning, and I was immediately drawn to him and his aircraft. The more I got to know him, the closer we got. He is a US Army Air Force Veteran from WWII, flying as a Crew Chief on B-26’s in North Africa and Italy. I was a B-52H and B-2A Crew Chief in the USAF. I’ve always helped Henry prepare and pack his model aircraft, and we’ve driven to area fly-ins together. We got to be so close that some people thought we were related, and he would even tell people that I was his grandson. He has become my adopted grandpa, and I’m very proud to call him that. The friendships we make in this hobby/sport are what really make it great.

– TJ


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Mason and “Hutch” Hutchinson – Expo East

Tony Stillman – Expo East

Greg and Jennifer Alderman – Expo East

Eaton Bryce – Expo East

David Lockhart – Expo East

1/4 scale Neuiport 17 at Dawn Patrol 2017 Thorp,Wi

For My Wife; A Drone of Her Very Own!

Farr Airpark

A family affair

old geezer still likes model airplanes

My Dream

Rc plane

What am I gonna do now?

Dad’s observation

Vintage C/L Ringmaster

Of course I let her fly!

Red-eyed Dragon, Batwing from first Batman movie, Millennium Falcon

My Planes, Model and Full Scale

The mighty jump jet

First model I could ride in.


USO RC Instructor

No Retirement from RC

Back to the Future in Aviation

My first B-52 Alert

My PT-19 and I

My Drone Adventure

SpaceWalker w 25cc Craftsman Engine

GWC C-47 for a veteran

Modelers Flew at Mach 2

Flying models since 1966

1-Me in Army, 1961 2- Me and my Curare

Dad’s U-Control 1947

My passion lives on

Getting started C/L Goldberg Buster

Dave with his Veco Thunderbird


Four Generations With Instructor

My pride


4 Generations of FUN – at Ole Rhinebeck

my real love, my daughter and my planes

My first military aircraft

Snoopy’s Flying Circus – West Berlin,1968

The Coming of the Jet Age

Adopted Grandpa

A nose art artist during World War II


Oliver and The demonstrator.

P-40 at Mifflintown

ringmaster fly in.

Tom (4) at the 2007 Free Flight NATS

A Great Asset

Four Generations That I Trained

First FF Launch at Purdue Aeromodelers Meet 1946

My Two Passions

First trip back to the strip!

Having fun

The hobby that changed my life

Generations of Flight

A Family Affair

Fifty years of toys!!

First RC Flight

The Keefer boys and some of their models

My 1/4 Pint retrieved in a most unusual fashion

Bill and sons Steve, Greg and Scott around 1965 in a field that became a Mall a short time later.

Our New Barbie’s SportAire

Building a Future

1933 Gere Sport

Ron Smith: founder of Team Kaos

big ol’ model

A Family That Flies Together Stays Together!


3rd generation modeler goes all the way

The plane that started it all

12 yrs old love of flying

My first successful U control and the first one of hundreds I built.

The A.S.C.O.T. Nobler


RQ-3 Dark Star

My Father and I at the Lincoln Nebraska Nats

Steelers Nation scratch build

Some Modeling History

My story

It’s been a long time!

My Life In Aviation

ringmaster fly in.

Almost ready to fly

My Shadow

My Top Flite P-51

Family RC- DC 3

family fun

Model Aviation from 6th grade to age 81 @ still going!

Well into it at an early age

Me and my fantastic son Jeremy

Flying model of F-4C got shot down in Viet Nam

First to take off

Far off

Generations of Flight

Generations of Flight

Single channel start to a lifetime of flight


Race Day

A bi-plane I never wanted but glad I got it.

Oscar Flies

I built my first model


My father and I @ Rackheath, home of the 467th BG in WW2

Keefer’s Aircraft

The Gliderman

My Girls with the Baby Ultimate

Viet Nam 66

Air Show

My Story

Flying replica of F-4 I was shot down in VN

Generations of Flight

Summer of ’54

RC Guys Super Decathlon

Generations of Flight

Salem Model Airplane Club 1947



Finally a Pilot!!!!

From Pica Duellist RC to Piper Apache

My First RC Airplane

One of my favorite RC scale models built from a Sig 1/3 scale kit.

I m a pilot now!

Construction of Carl Goldberg’s 1940 Sailplane

RVN 67

“Scratch built model”

Comet Sailplane

The Best Maiden

Mason and his Dad

first plane

From a Hirobo Shuttle to The Real Deal

My Teammate, My Mentor, My Father, My Best Friend

Cessna Build

G W. Bush Sr. Naval Trainer

Some Modeling History

Twin Bomber Built in 1966 in Nigeria / Fabulous Hobby

My first model plane

28% scale scratch-built Cessna L-19 Bird Dog

Team Extra 2016

My Two Babies

Young beginings

an oldie but a goodie

Impromptu Exhibition

High School Club, year 15


My career as a model aviator.

Flitecraft Model Aircraft, Baldwin City, Kansas


My Edge 540 DA 100 Flying IMAC This plane flying for 12 years!

Three Generations

Sig 4 Star 40 Full Build

Sig Something Extra Full Build

Sig Kobra Full Build

Another Project

sharing flying with grade school

Kit bashed Kadet wing and the shop

One thing leads to another

Getting it done

ringmaster fly in.

AMA Mid-South 1954

My Story

Generations of Flight

Flying Brothers

Me and my mentor

Matt and I

Dad launched a U-Control

Dad and I (1989)

Me with Corsair

Generations of Flight

My New Midlife Flying Hobby

Four Generations of Flight

Scaled UAV for Elytron 5-seater tilt-wing design

Three Generations of Scale Model Aviation Enthusiasts!

My First RC Plane

Fifty years of fun and flight

My Favorite Planes

Dad’s Navy Days

We Taught Each Other to Fly

Back in the Day…….A Blast from the Past

58 years from my original U-Control 1959 to current RC Flying

My great Uncle Roberto “Al” Puzziferro – founder and president of PARCS – on the controls at Floyd Bennett Field – Brooklyn

AMA Musician’s Letter

My first airplane

Ken-Hi Bobcat

Dad with his Carl Goldberg 1940 sailplane rc conversion.

Generations of Flight

Planes & Jazz Trumpet

Me & Model Rocketry

Generations of Flight

12 ft tellmaster crash

First Powered Flight

Pica Duellist to Piper Apache

3 generations

Great times racing with my son

RC Flying with the Blue Angels

Dad’s Skylark

Dan (Dante) Deluca with Mini-Pathfinder

A big smile with a Great Planes RV4

Me & Model Rocketry

Haoye Foamie F/A-18


Flying For a Dream

Fubar II

Grandfathers Hobby Fuels a Lifelong Passion…

Largest RC Helicopter in the World!

Haoye Foamie F/A-18

10 Foot Cessna 310

Me at 2 years old

12 foot B-25

an unbelieveable story – but true

Uncle Dan’s 1939 Plane

First Powered Flight

A few airplanes

Jerry-A Great Modeling Friend & Expert Builder

Model Aviation To Soaring

My first big C/L stunter, My own design P-51 Stiletto Reno Racer

The first Hot Sock

Modelers Flew at Mach 2

Modified Bergfalke Sailplane with Home Made 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 Plate Camera (1964)

2 Channel Ace Pacer

Father Son Hobby

Flying in the family

Dick & Marcus

Through the Years

A satisfactorily completion in later life

Indiantown Gap Fun Fly, 1970

RC Special Generations of Flight

Generations of Flight

Cessna 152 Chainsaw Engine Powered

Tommy Jr 45 Years Ago

A birthday reward for 60+ years of love for aviation and modeling

Golden Oldies

One thing leads to another

Soldier Canyon, Arizona


Family Influence on Flight

My Lakota

Bod Busters in 2010

Deaf Pilot

My Oracle BiPlane

A Passion Across Generations

CL.049 Dumas Lit’l Tom Tom and .049 Stick Wing 3rd line throttle.

How I was named after a Model Flying Airplane in 1973

Dad, Jeff, and me

I had a couple of send but the earliest from 1970… “Kraft on 53, 1970

Magnificent Obsession

My dad and I

Convair demonstration at 1951 AMA Championship at Naval Air Station, Dallas TX

Passing down the tradition

Largest RC helicopter in the world, unmanned K-Max

Making memories at FliteFest

How Model Aviation Changed My Life “A Tale of Two Cities”

Girls RC Too! Girl Power

1956 RamRod 250 2d place, Yankee Championships

Drake Edwards Bud Nosen P-51

Hughes MD 500 E

First Model with AMA 1995

From an RCM-60 to a 737!

Dad’s first flight with me

The Start of My Fleet

PBY 5A Catalina from plans

Grandfather and model aviation paving my life long passion and career path…

My Story

Pilot’s License from Carl Goldberg models…

Mad River Flyers of Thailand

4 Generations of RC Pilots

Pilot training

Mom’s T-Shirt Quilt

Generations of Flight-My Experience


Dr. TJ Glenn and son 1963 RC flying

My first real control line

Bill Elliot’s TBM at Airventure 2015

OFFC Members

1st US RC Flight School training

Dad’s first RC

Model Memories

My first pylon race

Through the years

Proud club member

My Cessna 150

The Sky’s the Limit

Bright Future

The love of flight

Flying Together


First Racing Drone

My Story

Growing the hobby

one day…

My Photos

Supermarine Spitfire MK1

Mikoyan MiG-3

H8 Global Defender Fighter

Three Generations of Model Airplane Pilots

In Mongolia🇲🇳

Four FAI world records (1962)

Making memories

Me with one of my early Top Flite Noblers

The Mintz Air Force

Future Pilot

Origin of a passion

Control line flying in Maine

A Lifetime of Flying


First RC Aircraft



Lazy Bee and Me

2010 Balsabust in Action

Joe Nall Night Flight

Me and My Texan

my first big control line

Spacewalker fun

Dad’s Miss America 1936

1st Flight NC

Epic Crash


Noll’s and Son

Novi Arrow Advanced Pattern Ship x 3

Passing it on!

B-26C Martin Marauder over the years

Passing it along to Grandson

From a Midwest “Esquire” single channel to the F-111F

Dennis Piwowarski and Jim Kostecky’s Patriot

R.A. Bob Hoover’s P-51

Our Gang

Flying the lake at Triple Tree

Early years

Just have fun

Our January Winner!

First Solo Flight

Well-worn CG Sr. Falcon

The 300 Club!

Passing my passion to my grandkids

George W Brown Jr (AMA Hall of Famer) with MaryLou Brown

Son of Savage at SPEED!

Many joyful days

The Good Old Days

My first Gasser

My first squadron

Elwin and Ultimate


First R/C Aircraft to fly off the Shuttle Runway at Kennedy Space Center

Original SIG Kadet Jr. Circa 1983

1956 Weagell Field Sacramento California

Lt. Albert Carl Foulk, Ellington Field, Tx., Circa 1920

The reason I got Started in this Hobby

U-Control Flying

My First U-Control Planes – 1959

I hate it when that happens

Me With Dad’s Models in 1958

Model Building In Libya

The McKee Generation

At the beginning

My first R/C airplane

Early Years

Reliant Lover’s SR-7

My love for Aviation

My Instructor

Three Generations of R/C Flyers – A Beginning and an End

A Goldberg Gathering

Tower Hobbies CrazE Wing

Float flying at Joe Nall

Bell 13 & Autogyro

Fall Fly

End of a Fun Day of Indoor Flying at The Soccer Arena

Quad lugs

Three generations at the field

RC Flying inspired me to become a real pilot

My plane

HiPro by Harley

Bicycle Bob


Lake Overflow Drain

Scracthed built from Convair 440 factory plans

My Daughter and I at the float fly

Memphis Prop Busters Control Line 1970

Aviation Career

My Spacewalker

Me and Harrier


My first RC plane in 1975

11.5 foot wingspan electric powered model of the british Halifax bomber.

Generations of model enthusiasts

my F-100

C.C. and his Extra 300L

1st US RC Flight School

Model Aviation Dreams

Vario Bell 230

“Meandarin Orange”

Best buddies

First flight at Sunrise

Thought I’d seen it all Until I saw my first RC Airplane

Topflite Corsair .60 Scale Gold Edition

Launching my Grand Espirit in1975

Typical Day at the Airfield

Waiting My Turn to Fly – Mint Julep Pattern Contest, Rough River, Kentucky 1979

Father and Son: Continuing the Tradition


My First Electric Plane: Modified Ace Seamaster

My Dallaire Sportster and Me

Christmas Day build

Hobby Turned Career

Model Aviation: My Story

How to fly in the winter in Minnesota!

Flying Nitro

Flite Fest 2015 / 2016

Hayden and the DRAK!

Me and the Prez!

Few Men like him Today!!!

Second place on Macedonian Regional 1975

Best Airplane ever built by Douglas.

My fondest memories with my Dad

My Passion.

A nice day for fun

My Son has come a long way in 6 years


Old Inspirations


My Passion Flying and Aviation.

Early 1970s “D” Class Free Flight Taft California


Family Time

“Miss Marie”


Spring Break 2016

Three of four generations

Grandson Colton having a great fling day

Building a plane….

Posing with the Dogs…..

Flying for the Kaiser

Over the Moon

My modeling career and the effect it had on my profession.


1946 J3-C Clipped Wing Cub

1st scratch built from Convair plans.U control.

Passing the Passion

P51 and the T28 ready for take off at 8ooo ft

ALES at the Nat’s

Mystique 2.9m


My dad and me

Redwing slick 540 DLE 55 RA

Terry & the Colonel

Teaching my Son to Fly

An-2 “Colt” RC Model

25 Years of RC Friendship

Youth is our Future

4-engine Giant Seamaster made to resemble Pan Am Clippers



Biplane ride

A Dad’s favorite moment out of 30 years of R/C flying


Wrong way Mig

Jenny engine


Airplane Collage

Intro To Giant Scale



Pretty Birds

starting in the world of model airplanes

1928 Heath Baby Bullet Racer

Redwing Extra 330 sc 50 cc with dle55ra

Fast track!

Welcome to my office

My DHC2 Beaver

New year’s day 2017

Post “Warbird Roundup” Flight Photo & “Junkyard Wars Gypsies”

Family, Fellowship, and Learning

Electric C-130

Little brother

RC in Arlington

Dad and I

My first contest-winning plane

A good friend

1978 First Place National Championship Race Samurai Team

A day with our aerobatic models

nothing but net

Expert Rescue and Recovery

MiG Launch

Skylark CL Airplane

1928 Heath Baby Bullet Racer

Flying with dad

Bee swarm

1st solo

Me and my baby


Nieuport N28 ci

First Navy Carrier Landing Jet In a Squadron

Control Line Scale B-29

Build and crash. Repeat.

2016 Holding My Max-A-Matic Hawk (1974 model)

2015 September NCFFC Contest Weagell Field Sacramento, California


Eagle off wing of Schweizer 126-D #416, Tail #N7716S


2013 NEW TNT C GAS free flight…, One of Dad’s last few times out Flying.

BUSA Piper J-3P Cub

Hellcat prop tip vortices

kit RV4

Tuskegee still flies

Summer Afternoon With Ben

Weagell Field Sacramento, Calif. 1956

Miles Reed version of a Kermit Weeks Solution X biplane

Aeroglass Training Telemaster

My hero and our P51

Trojans large and small

Nan Orion at the Park

In this with him.


My son and I flying together

My second Carl Goldberg kit at 13 and the wall of planes 41 years later

Disco Cart

Really for takeoff

Gotta Love Tail Draggers

P-51 on the Alvord Desert In SE Oregon


1st RC – Royal Coachman

Jolly Rogers F4U Corsair

Cessna 195

My first model

Friends and a Ringmaster

Ultimate 174 cm wingspan

Fun day at the field !!


Great trainer for rusty thumbs

when the wind quits blowing

Getting back into the hobby

My 7 Year old son enjoying a flight

1968 Stockton California

My First T-28

Waco, Wacos

Love the 4-star 60

Together at the flying field


My Best Friend and I

Father and sons

My wall of planes

Cloud Dancer 60

Navy Sterman Trainer

Flying dump truck

Fly to the sky

Planes I’ve built

Planes I’ve built


just a few of my toys

On the edge

War Eagle

Early giant scale experience

Comradarie of flying

Lexi with Goblin 500

My favorite plane

Granddaughter with Minnie Mambo

Under watchful eyes

Hand Launch Happiness in Costa Mesa, CA

Big Brother!

Grandpa and Grandson coming back from winning a race

Youth are our Future

My 1st turbine

No intentions to fly…..

Return to model aviation

Three generations of pilots

Father daughter

Born For Water, Now Living on Land


50 years ago!

Lost hills

1/2 A combat club

Early EDF Design

Century Jet Model 1/5 P47D Thunderbolt

just one of my models

My Plans

WWII – RC, the Early Days!

Dobshina Slovakia 2013 F3F

Stinson SR-5 “Reliant” at 1:5 scale

Float-flying on Rebeck Lake. Montgomery, Michigan

Zaid Still with Gaui X7

Applying for a Job with Model Airplane News

first flight

Flight Training

P-51 tears up the skies


Fun Flyer

TORKS – Oklahoma City

RC Cub for the grandchildren

RC Helicopter Night Flying

building another

My own designs

The beginning of a wonderful hobby!

Family RC Heritage

Daughter Katie with Morfis Bearcat, 1994

Jolly Rogers F4U Corsair

Giant RCM 96″ Spook

T-6 Korean Mosquittos

Big plane, little car

Cub waits for a forth of July ride

Evil Spacewalker

E Flight Pitts Model 12

My own design

First Model Flight

Best Friends

Top Flite GS Spitfire

Summer 2007 flight school

1/2 Scale Nieuport 11


A model I never thought I would own…let alone FLY..

Flugtag – Bad Homburg Germany 1985

First Flight

Chris made his 1st combat airplane at age of 9

Passing the Torch

Lego Guy

middle school flying


I can get it, Papa.

Grandad and me

Dream airplane build

1940 Contest Winners

Rose Army Airfield

Airshow, Discover Aviation Days

The crowds I draw flying back in Maine

Ben Buckle’s Flying Quaker huge 83 in wing span

My First Airplane

Ray and me


My Scratch Built Cessna 336 Profile

T 28 Wankel power

Love of the Pitts

Big Biped

My baby Radian

my extra 330 SC

Dad before the war


Fantastic Father

Me And Drone