Generations of Flight showcases you, the model aircraft enthusiast, and your love for the hobby. To celebrate model aviation, we are asking everyone to share their favorite flying experiences. Maybe it’s a photo and story of your first flight, your most recent visit to an airfield, or a memory that inspired you – we want to hear from you!

My Life in Aviation

My interest began at 4 watching neighborhood kids flying rubber/stick and tissue. Built my first kit R/S at seven. Didn’t know what a CG was. Got into control line about ten through High School. I enlisted in the US Air Force at nineteen and trained as an Airborne Radio technician. Did first year in training. second year in Korea, third and forth in Charleston SC repairing flight hardware down to the component level. Next 4 was getting my degree in Electrical Engineering. My Engineering career included Design and Development of Precision Electro-Mechanical Control systems. Designed a visual flight Simulator for NASA Dinosaur program with other programs for the military, commercial and medical fields. Even got to design systems for Locomotives at the GE Erie plant in Erie PA. Solved serious problems for the Air Force Gunship program. Back into Radio Control building and flying in 1968. Now, to further the Engineering Profession I serve as President of the American Engineering Association, Inc. www.AEA.Org.




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The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), founded in 1936, serves as the nation’s collective voice for approximately 200,000 modelers in 2,400 clubs in the United States and Puerto Rico. Headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, AMA is a membership organization representing those who fly model aircraft for recreation and educational purposes. For more information, visit

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