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Fifty Years of Fun and Flight

Russell, Keith and I are brothers, and we have been avid modelers since our early teen years. We began with rubber band powered models, moved up to control line models, and in 1972 we graduated to radio control models. That’s when we took on the name – Red Tails Flying Club – in honor of our father who served with the 332nd during World War II.

In the beginning our runway was hand raked out of crop fields each fall on our family farm. We only got to use it during late fall to early spring, when the planting season started. The rest of the year we hand launched.

Our love for the hobby has lasted over 50 years, with the last 45 devoted to radio control. Our passion for the hobby has not only kept us busy, but also best friends. I guess we went from kids playing together to adults playing together almost every weekend.

Here is a picture from 1973. Our runway location is the same although greatly improved. It’s permanent now, but we are a little older.

This has been a great hobby and provided us with years of close friendship and fond memories.

– Lowell



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