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Success story because of model aviation in the short form. It all begins back in 1995 when I was able to fly my first RC plane. I remember like it was yesterday. A Goldberg eaglet 50. Just over a year after starting to fly due to uncontrollable events I woke up one morning and realized I had no parents. Mom had left early one morning not to be seen for years. At the age of 15 I was emancipated and started working my first job. Moral of the story it was because of several close friends in which I flew model aircraft with that I learned hard work and respect and grew up to become the man I am today. Model Aviation changed my life forever and I am forever grateful to friends some now passed that taught me what I know today. Currently a proud officer of a great AMA club, a leader member, and an instructor. Not including 4 wonderful children, a better half that supports every move I make, and a great career as a firefighter. I am thankful every day for the Purchase of that old Eaglet 50 and friends old and new made each day in this great hobby we all love and share. Nothing makes me happier then helping fellow Modelers and sharing my passion.

– Jason



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