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A Big Smile with A Great Plane

My dad got my siblings and I interested in CL planes and model rockets growing up. We always had a blast flying CL planes – even my mom would fly at times. We moved around a lot when I was a kid so most of the planes were CL .049 profile planes. The rest of my siblings didn’t get the “flying bug.” I always wanted to get into RC, but didn’t have the money to get started. After joining the military in 1987, I started buying RC planes. I crashed 8 planes in 6 months. After the crashes, I put the planes away and drove RC cars for a year. I transferred to South Carolina and found out there was an RC flyer across the street from me and a flying field on the other side of the base. I pulled out my planes again and off I went. It’s been a fun time building and flying. I am always willing to help out others that want to get interested in the hobby. I even teach them using my plane, so if they crash, they don’t lose the pride and joy that they built. One of my trainer planes that I called Patches (every crash had a different color covering patch) lived to be almost 12 years old before it wasn’t repairable any more. The places I have flown RC planes are: Guam, South Carolina, Italy, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, North Carolina, and Maine. Thank you, dad, for getting me into a great hobby.

– Daryl



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